6 Tips on Improving Your Home’s Ambiance This Summer

6 Tips on Improving Your Home's Ambiance This Summer Twin Cities MN

Summer is the best time to improve your home’s ambiance. The nice weather makes it easy to get home improvement projects done fast. With all the entertaining and BBQing your family plans to do this summer, your home’s ambiance should be one of your priorities in your home improvement projects. … Read More…

A Perfect Touch of Summer!

Interior Design Floral Arrangements Ideas Flowers Twin Cities MN

  Summer is a great time to brighten a room with flowers! Floral bouquets can be treated kind of like a painting in the room. They can offer another beautiful pop of color!  I usually treat the colors in the arrangement as I do a piece of art. I like to incorporate 2 … Read More…

The Chair – DIY Style

Living Area Renovations Chairs DIY Style Twin Cities MN

So often we think to take a chair and reupholster it because the fabric doesn’t look so great anymore for whatever reason. Then we discover that it doesn’t cost that much more to just purchase a new chair. All of that is true, but there are a few possibilities that could be … Read More…

How to Cool Down your Bedroom when it’s Hot Outside

Professional Bedroom Interior Design Tips Ideas Twin Cities MN

We’ve all spent restless nights where we can’t sleep because it’s too hot, or when the heat makes it difficult to stay asleep. Sleeping in a cool room is proven to help you sleep better and longer. It can also help you to burn more calories and improve your sensitivity to … Read More…

Minneapolis Design Treasures

Rock Sculptures Eye Candy Minneapolis MN

We are blessed with so much beauty, creativity and diversity in our city! These rock sculptures and the “Eye Candy” sculpture are fabulous and they exhibit just a sample of what we share in our communities. Thank you, Minneapolis for making our spaces true treasures!!!  

The Retirement Home

Professional Retirement Home Condo Renovations Twin Cities MN

My client and I have been working on her retirement home for quite a while, and it has been a pleasure. We work in stages, as she feels up to it, and as her budget will allow! I have had very few clients like this. Her motto seems to be, “Where … Read More…