Instant Color

Professional Interior Design Color Ideas Twin Cities MN
Following up with from my last post (A Dose of Color), I wanted to continue on the topic of color (my favorite!) and give you suggestions and inspiration for adding color into your home sans the trip to Home Depot. Try one of these paint-free interior design tips for an instant boost of color!
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A Dose of Color

Professional Interior Design Color Ideas Twin Cities MN

Color is one of my favorite things about design. I feel it’s so important (and fun!) to express yourself through color within your home. In contrast, I find that many people struggle with incorporating color into their homes. I am here to assure you that one should not fear color! Here are some great tips for diving into the wonderful world of color.

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Remodeling Project – Before & After

Twin Cities MN Interior Design Remodel Before & After

Complete Remodel – Before & After

Complete ...

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Monkey See, Monkey Do

Adding playful, whimsical touches to your home can make it seem extra inviting. Plus, these pieces from local Minneapolis artist Carly Jo Hougen would be excellent conversation starters.

In addition to the fantastic paintings below, Carly offers stunning calligraphy and wood burning services.

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Pet Friendly Homes

Pet Friendly Interior Design Ideas Twin Cities MN

Creating a pet-friendly interior space often involves stain resistant, bleach cleanable fabrics, custom doggy beds and kitchen cabinets designed to store food for our four-legged friends…you know, the nitty-gritty details that need to be considered when we share our abodes with domesticated animals. Take one look at artwork by Sarah Thornton, however, and you’ll discover just how exciting planning a pet-friendly home can be. Yes, that’s right. You can commission a painting of your pet! Here are a few examples from her portfolio...

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Handmade Throws

Interior Design Throw Options Twin Cities MN

A couple weeks back, I posted a few throw options from retail sources that would be a great addition to living spaces for fall and winter. You’ll have to excuse a bit of repetition here, but when I came across this post on Apartment Therapy, I could not resist featuring this Etsy Shop…

Colorways Gallery offers the quintessential chunky throw made out of fine merino wool. A simply scr...

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Wood Floors + Tile

Interior Design Wood Flooring and Tile Flooring Ideas Twin Cities MN

What do you get when you combine wood flooring and tile? Answer…Mirth ...

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