The Bright Side

Professional Residential Home Interior Designer Lighting Ideas Minnetonka MN

Look on the bright side, it’s Friday, and the weekend has arrived! If that’s not enough, then surely this fabulous new lighting line will do the trick. It’s now available here in Minneapolis through Francis King;

Oh, the Ombre!

Professional Residential Home Interior Designer Southwestern Style Minnetonka MN

Inspirational images. With today’s plethora of social media outlets, you can certainly find something to suit your fancy. I recently pinned this image (below) on one of my Pinterest boards. A stunning use of the ombre trend, don’t you think?


Simple Appealing Country Style Design Interior Design Ideas Minnesota

I recently came across this image via Country Living. It’s so simple and meant to be lived-in, yet the aesthetic appeal is undeniable, especially to those of us transitioning into cooler weather temps.   Simplicity can be quite powerful, and I think this space speaks to that. Curl up in some … Read More…