The Bungalow Series: The Bungalow Dining Room

There were interesting architectural elements to this room, as you can see in the before photos below, but it needed some additional attention and love. Lighting is always a good place to make a splash! The room is small, so I chose an airy, but bright chandelier with that gorgeous Chinese Red color! Painting the walls chartreuse, placing beautiful pieces of furniture with their traditional rich wood finishes, and topping it all off with modern artwork and a new colorful rug now turns this dining room into a conversation piece for your guests and a lovely place to host a dinner party!

When doing fun, crazy colors you always need to balance it off with classical colors and items as well.  I used a white ceiling, wood floors with their traditional stain, and of course the traditional furniture you see in this room. Pretty and earthy.  Those items allowed me to add all of the color that makes this room one of a kind.

You may also choose to use serving dishes and other nice looking items that you use in kitchen as décor in the room.  This looks visually pleasing and also helps with the need to find a place to store some of those items.

I took this room about as far as it could go, which is what the client wanted and it is still very well balanced.  Using the concept of pretty and dirty (earthy) you can take this look to the level you are comfortable with and still have a balanced room that fits your individual style.

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Bungalow Style Dining Room Interior Design Twin Cities MN


Bungalow Style Dining Room Interior Design Twin Cities MN

Dining room furniture & splashy new rug.

Bungalow Style Dining Room Interior Design Twin Cities MN

Pretty and dirty (earthy) elements make this room one of a kind.

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