The Bungalow Series: Outside the Bungalow

People are spending more and more time enjoying the outside of their homes. In our next bungalow series, we focus on the beauty of the outside!

The Front Door doesn’t always have to take on the job of being the “Big Statement” piece for the outside of the house!  Sometimes with the color scheme of the house, the door can be a quiet, rich color like Temptation Gray, that works best for the home.  As you can see here… it makes a different kind of statement!

If you aren’t making a big statement with the door, then you might want to make a different kind of splash in the yard. The Adirondacks featured in this front lawn do exactly that.  They are painted California Lilac and are a beautiful POW next to the rust red trim of the house.  A few red geraniums close by and tons of greenery just make it that much more inviting! Don’t be afraid to use these pops of color outside your home, as they really accentuate and foreshadow what is to come when you step inside!

As a bonus, it is also easy for your friends to find your house when you want to relax in the garden with a nice glass of wine and some great conversation

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Bungalow Style Professional Exterior Design Twin Cities MN

Bungalow Style Professional Exterior Design Twin Cities MN

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