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The Bungalow Series: The Bungalow Bathroom

Professional Interior Designer Bungalow Bathroom Twin Cities MN

This bathroom will take you back in time.  What was charming then might conflict a bit with today’s sense of design and color, but after all it is an 80 year old bungalow. And did I mention I LOVE a challenge!

This main floor bathroom is part of an older bungalow.  What do you do when you are presented with salmon and black & white tile that covers well over 50% of the walls in the bathroom?  Turn that outdated tile color into something beautiful! This striking wallpaper, along with the right accessories, updates the bathroom into something you have to believe in!

These are...

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The Bungalow Series: The Bungalow Foyer & Living Room

Professional Interior Designer Foyer Bungalow Twin Cities MN

This foyer and living room were painted in a neutral color and depicted an older style of design.  There was very little color or dynamics going on in this cozy living room.

For me, color is everything in a room and is able to truly reflect the personality and feel that you get when you enter the room. I decided upon a new, dynamic ceiling light and cool green paint.  I also added other colors to accent the existing charm of this room. The new artwork depicts a beautiful design flare and the room is warm and inviting.. giving you the feeling of coming home.

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Lighting Creates Radiance in the Room

Professional Interior Design Remodel Lighting Options Twin Cities MN

As a designer, I think lighting is about function for sure, but it also occupies important space in the room and therefore should be a wonderful addition to the room.  My favorite places to shop for lighting is LIGHT’N UP, Southern Lights, International Market Square and Chazin Interior.

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National Professional Interior Designer Twin Cities MNNot in Minnesota?

Laurie’s network spans nationwide.

She’ll help connect homeowners with builders and remodeling companies anywhere in the United States.

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Furniture & Decor

Professional Interior Designer Furniture & Decor Discounts Twin Cities MNDiscounts are offered on furniture and accessories.

Laurie has built relationships with many high end furniture, lighting, and decor companies.

She’ll help you find the right company and get the best deals for furnishing and decorating your home.

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Build & Remodel

Professional Interior Designer Build Remodel Twin Cities MNI have had the pleasure of working on many new construction and remodeling projects in numerous areas around the country as well as here in the Twin Cities.

With today’s technology the process is still very similar to working right here in the city.

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Interior Design – The Process

Twin Cities MN Interior Design Remodel Before & After

My Process of Design:

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