The Chair – DIY Style

Living Area Renovations Chairs DIY Style Twin Cities MN

So often we think to take a chair and reupholster it because the fabric doesn’t look so great anymore for whatever reason. Then we discover that it doesn’t cost that much more to just purchase a new chair. All of that is true, but there are a few possibilities that could be … Read More…

Just A Little Elbow Grease

Professional Interior Designer Kitchen Makeover Twin Cities MN

These photos represent a different kind of kitchen make-over.  One that required a smaller budget, a fair amount of elbow grease, and some time and consideration on the homeowner’s part. All of that made an enormous difference in their kitchen and their home! This is a town home in Burnsville that needed … Read More…

The Remodel Process – Before & After

Professional Living Area Den Interior Designer Twin Cities MN

Interior Remodel & Design

Professional Interior Designer Dakota County MN

Twin Cities MN Residential Interior Design Laurie McDowell

Twin Cities MN Residential Interior Design


Twin Cities MN Interior Kitchen Design

Kitchen Interior Design I believe the kitchen is the heart of the home.  Not only is it the place to prepare and cook meals but often serves as the crossroads for family activity.  My job is to balance the aesthetic appeal with excellent function.  That is always a challenge and … Read More…


Minnesota Professional Interior Designer

Bedroom Interior Design Our bedrooms are our refuge.  They are the most personal of rooms.  My goal is to help you create the room that looks and feels the way you desire your bedroom to be.


Twin Cities MN Interior Bathroom Design

Bathroom Interior Design There are rooms in a home that give you some extra liberty to be colorful and more daring.  I believe these are the bathrooms.  They are small rooms with multiple uses.  Combining a livelier look with great utilization of space is a challenge I love!