The Chair – DIY Style

Living Area Renovations Chairs DIY Style Twin Cities MN

So often we think to take a chair and reupholster it because the fabric doesn’t look so great anymore for whatever reason. Then we discover that it doesn’t cost that much more to just purchase a new chair. All of that is true, but there are a few possibilities that could be … Read More…

How to Cool Down your Bedroom when it’s Hot Outside

Professional Bedroom Interior Design Tips Ideas Twin Cities MN

We’ve all spent restless nights where we can’t sleep because it’s too hot, or when the heat makes it difficult to stay asleep. Sleeping in a cool room is proven to help you sleep better and longer. It can also help you to burn more calories and improve your sensitivity to … Read More…

The Bungalow Series: The Bungalow Bathroom

Professional Interior Designer Bungalow Bathroom Twin Cities MN

This bathroom will take you back in time.  What was charming then might conflict a bit with today’s sense of design and color, but after all it is an 80 year old bungalow. And did I mention I LOVE a challenge! This main floor bathroom is part of an older … Read More…

The Bungalow Series: The Bungalow Foyer & Living Room

Professional Interior Designer Foyer Bungalow Twin Cities MN

This foyer and living room were painted in a neutral color and depicted an older style of design.  There was very little color or dynamics going on in this cozy living room. For me, color is everything in a room and is able to truly reflect the personality and feel … Read More…

Before & After Edina, MN Interior Design & Remodel

Professional Home Interior Designer and Remodel Twin Cities MN

Remodel & Interior Design in Edina, MN This home remodel in Edina, MN included a complete design and remodel

The Remodel Process – Before & After

Professional Living Area Den Interior Designer Twin Cities MN

Interior Remodel & Design

Edina, MN Kitchen Design & Remodel

Professional Kitchen Interior Designer Twin Cities MN

Kitchen Remodel & Interior Design in Edina, MN The goal for this remodel was to update and enlarge the kitchen while opening it to the rest of the first floor.