What’s in a Sofa…

Sofa Ideas Professional Interior Designer Minnesota

To be more precise, I’m going to share some insights as to what should be in a sofa. When it comes to frequently used furniture, making the investment in quality pieces is well worth it. LEE is one of my go to brands when it comes to upholstered pieces. It’s available here … Read More…

Friday Fish Fry

Happy Friday, everyone! I don’t know about you, but I love a good fish fry so I’m running with that idea for the blog today. Though these fish-related interior accessories really aren’t meant to be consumed… Chandelier from Currey & Company Rug from The Rug Company End table from NOIR Furniture

Color Me Happy

Colorful Residential Home Interior Design Ideas Minnetonka MN

After a treacherous winter, it’s hard to not be inspired by the greenery and gardens that come to life as temperatures warm. I’m a fresh flower fanatic, and I love bringing that same, uplifting, happy feeling into an interior concept. Light fixtures from Astele do just that.