How to Cool Down your Bedroom when it’s Hot Outside

Professional Bedroom Interior Design Tips Ideas Twin Cities MNWe’ve all spent restless nights where we can’t sleep because it’s too hot, or when the heat makes it difficult to stay asleep. Sleeping in a cool room is proven to help you sleep better and longer. It can also help you to burn more calories and improve your sensitivity to insulin, according to a New York Times article. The ideal temperature for a sleep environment in 65 degrees, though between 60 and 67 is acceptable.

The National Institute of Health studied the effect of different temperatures on sleeping men. Just by sleeping in a cold room, the men in that study gained metabolic advantages that could lower their risk for diseases like diabetes.

Sleeping in a cooler room can also help you fall asleep more easily. A 1997 study suggests that “a rapid decline in core body temperature increases the likelihood of sleep initiation and may facilitate an entry into the deeper stages of sleep.”

Here are three ways that you can make your bedroom both more aesthetically pleasing and better for you to sleep in: put up dark, light-blocking curtains, make sure there’s adequate air flow and buy the proper bedding.

Put up Dark Curtains

Dark curtains help to keep a room cool despite the heat outside by allowing less light and heat to leak into the room during the hottest hours of the day. It’ll also make you sleep a little bit deeper because you aren’t noticing the light in your sleep. There are curtains of all colors and patterns to match the decor of your room.

Generate Air Flow

Air flow is incredibly important to a good night’s sleep, according to this study.  Even if it’s hot outside, circulating air can make the room feel cooler. This air flow helps you sleep better. If you can, open up your bedroom windows, put in a window unit or keep a fan running throughout the night.

In-room air conditioners are not ridiculously expensive, and they can be a huge help if you have a room that just can’t be cooled down. If you have to use a fan on its own, try putting a tray of ice cubes in front of it to cool down the air it’s circulating.

Purchase Cooling Bedding

Getting bedding that doesn’t reflect your own body heat back at you can be incredibly helpful. Good options include bedding made of bamboo or linen. You can also check out pillows that have cooling gel in them, to keep a cool head while you sleep.

Particular types of mattresses might not be great for those who find themselves sweating in the night – particularly memory foam mattresses and mattress toppers. There are ways to mitigate that, though, with mattress toppers that are designed to help you cool off at night. If you can’t remember when you last updated your mattress, you may need to purchase a new one, as they tend to get worse as they age.

Guest Blog written by:

Sarah Johnson – Community Relations at Tuck Sleep

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