Fabulous Laundry Rooms!

I have a theory about laundry rooms.  Not everyone shares my lack of enthusiasm in doing laundry, but for those of us who need some inspiration in this area, I believe that the laundry room ambiance is very important in improving our outlook on the work that takes place there. Usually this room is pretty small, without a lot of natural light (if any) and BORING!  After all you start out with two quite large, usually white colored boxes, the washer and dryer!!

Possibilities for this room are just about endless, so take a look at your budget and go from there. Paint or wallpaper for the walls depending on budget. If you are painting, think of colors that really please you.  They don’t have to be following the color story running through your home, but they can’t be offensive either.  You can vary colors between walls, cabinets and trim if you like. You can paint stripes, patterns or images on walls if so desired.  You could even have your kids express their artistic talents on the walls.  This could be a special visual for you every time you do laundry!

Consider replacing ceiling lights and cabinet hardware to change the look and add some sparkle.  A fun colorful rug can do wonders to a less than appealing floor.  Laundry rooms are an easy place to make dramatic and inexpensive changes, so doing laundry becomes more fun!

Professional Interior Design Laundry Rooms Renovations Twin Cities MNProfessional Interior Design Laundry Rooms Renovations Twin Cities MN

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