Just A Little Elbow Grease

These photos represent a different kind of kitchen make-over.  One that required a smaller budget, a fair amount of elbow grease, and some time and consideration on the homeowner’s part. All of that made an enormous difference in their kitchen and their home!

This is a town home in Burnsville that needed some sprucing up with a lower budget. The homeowners were willing to make it happen by doing a lot of the work themselves.  This project went in stages. Initially they decided to hire me, even though that didn’t really fit within the “small budget” plan, because they knew they couldn’t afford to make decisions that didn’t work well for their home.  This is a “before photo” of our project.

Professional Interior Designer Kitchen Makeover Twin Cities MN

We looked around and came to the conclusion that there were a few things that should be on the top on our list! These were the things we would start with and then continue on from there as we got further into the project.  The first thing was the carpet. It was old and worn and needed to be replaced on all three levels. The walls on the main level and lower level needed paint and a color change to brighten a somewhat dark area. We wanted to create a light and open feeling in the room.  We used the carpet color and wall color together to transform and create a beautiful look and space within the home.

Professional Interior Designer Kitchen Makeover Twin Cities MN

Next we replaced the tile in the entryway and the kitchen to reveal a fresh,new, and light design.  The changes were big, but inexpensive, and helped us to create a new accord in the kitchen area.  Painting walls, painting cabinets that were starting to look worn, and adding a crisp white backsplash with interesting design and texture transformed this kitchen to a work of art. We stayed within the budget the of the owners comfort level, and together we created something beautiful that they will enjoy for years to come.

Professional Interior Designer Kitchen Makeover Twin Cities MN

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