6 Tips on Improving Your Home’s Ambiance This Summer

6 Tips on Improving Your Home's Ambiance This Summer Twin Cities MN

Summer is the best time to improve your home’s ambiance. The nice weather makes it easy to get home improvement projects done fast. With all the entertaining and BBQing your family plans to do this summer, your home’s ambiance should be one of your priorities in your home improvement projects. … Read More…

The Retirement Home

Professional Retirement Home Condo Renovations Twin Cities MN

My client and I have been working on her retirement home for quite a while, and it has been a pleasure. We work in stages, as she feels up to it, and as her budget will allow! I have had very few clients like this. Her motto seems to be, “Where … Read More…

The Bungalow Series: The Bungalow Foyer & Living Room

Professional Interior Designer Foyer Bungalow Twin Cities MN

This foyer and living room were painted in a neutral color and depicted an older style of design.  There was very little color or dynamics going on in this cozy living room. For me, color is everything in a room and is able to truly reflect the personality and feel … Read More…

Furniture & Decor

Discounts are offered on furniture and accessories. Laurie has built relationships with many high end furniture, lighting, and decor companies. She’ll help you find the right company and get the best deals for furnishing and decorating your home.